How To Setup a Point to Point Bridge with Ubiquiti


Ubiquiti have made it easy to configure  there devices by using the same configuration OS on all of there wireless devices

You will need to follow the following steps to setup a point to point links

On the 1st devices You need to do the following


1. Connect the device to a Switch or wired network you can access by connecting a cat 5 lead from the LAN port of the POE injector to the network, and the POE Port of the Injector to the LAN PORT of the UBIQUITI Device

2. Make sure your laptop/pc is in the IP RANGE (192.168.1.xx)

3. Open up Your web Browser, in the address bar type the IP ADDRESS of the Ubiquiti Unit ( after which you will be prompted for the user name and password which are both : ubnt

4. Once logged into the device, click on the Wireless Tab, once the wireless page opens you need to change the following:

    4.1 Change Wireless Mode to Access Point

     4.2 Name Your Wireless Network by changing the SSID from Default "ubnt" to eg. "cctvstore"

     4.3 Security , Suggested that u change the Security mode to WPA2 TKIP, and select your own secuirty passphrase

Change settings & apply

5. Once applied, click on the Network Tab, change the IP address to either DHCP (If you have a DCHP SERVER on your network that you would like to control the IP range) or a Static IP Address within the range of the networks you want to link

6. Apply the Settings, Leave the device powered up


On The 2nd Device you will need to do the following

7. Login into the device by following the same routine as steps 1 to 3

8. Click on the Wireless Tab, leave the wireless mode as STATION

9. You will now see next to your SSID, a button labelled SELECT, Click on it

10 It will pull up another window where it scans for wireless networks, if you configured device 1 correctly and it is still powered up, you should find that the SSID (eg. CCTVSTORE) you setup on the 1st device in the list of possible networks to connect to.

11. Select the SSID you created, Click Apply or Lock to AP

12. You will then have to input the same security passphrase you used on the 1st device, it is case sensitive so they have to be identical

13  Apply and Save Settings

14. Click on the Network Tab and repeat steps 5 & 6

15. Apply and save. Give it 30secs to reboot and your link should now be up and running

If You have multiple devices connecting to a single device (multiple Stations to 1 Access point) you will just have to duplicate the settings of the 2nd device on all the remaining stations and not change the Access point to create a point to Muiti Point network