Return Policy

No Returns will be accepted for refunds after 7days and or before 14days, after 14days from purchase, if the purchased equipment is not defective in terms of application set out for the product,no returns will be accepted.

If a customer cancels any transaction in respect of which delivery of the products or services (to the extent that the may be returned) have been delivered, within seven days of the receipt of the products or services, the customer shall return to CCTV STORE or it’s authorised agents, the products, undamaged in any manner, together with all packing materials and documentation delivered by CCTV STOREor its agents, to the customer as well as a written indication of the customers choice to cancel the transaction. 

The customer shall refund to CCTV STORE all direct expenses incurred by CCTV STORE or it’s authorised agents, in the delivery of the products and services ordered by the customer, as well as the direct expenses incurred by CCTV STORE or it’s authorised agents in accepting return of the products and cancellation of the provision of services, arising as a result of the return of the products or cancellation of the services ordered by the customer